When it comes to tuxedos we offer more than 40 styles and hundreds of colorful accessory combinations from which to choose. We give you the option of coming in-store to pick out your tuxedo or to order on-line.

Rent In-Store

Come into Couture, we will help get you started, picking everything from the style of your tuxedo to the best color combinations for you and your wedding party. Once we have found your perfect look, we will organize your wedding ensemble. To do this, we use Event Manager; a tool allowing you to assign styles to your groomsmen and remind them of important dates in the rental process.

Rent On-line

Begin by visiting Jim's Formals Build a Tux 

Use Build a Tux to mix and match styles, colors, and accessories, to find your ideal look.

Next, create an account, allowing you to save all your favorite styles.

Finally, you can use the Event Manager  tool to add all the members of your wedding party. Assign them the look you created in Build a Tux, and add their measurements. Your guys will receive emails to keep them on track throughout the rental process. 

Tux Direct

This service is perfect for groomsmen coming from out-of-town. Tux direct gives you and your groomsmen the ability to have a tuxedo shipped to a different address.  This tool allows garments to arrive about two weeks before the wedding date, ensuring enough time for any needed adjustments.

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